A little goes a long way..

It's always nice to get some positive feedback and some affirmation that the work you're doing is enjoyed by others. (Plus who doesn't love a good ego boost?) Lately I got an email from Jennifer Myers. We did a shoot in Georgetown a couple of years ago. When we met up, she said she was trying to leave her current job and start her own business, so she needed some photos for her website. Well she went on to start a boomin' business and emailed me this,

Hi Susie,

I hope you’re well! You might not remember me, we had a photoshoot in Georgetown in August 2014.

Just wanted you to know I did end up using your photos on my website. I decided to start a copywriting business, it’s going very well, and I get lots of compliments on my website pictures!

THANK YOU! :) You’re so very talented.

Here it is if you’d like to see: jennifermyers.net

Thanks, Jennifer for the positive feedback. And make sure to check out her website here.