Tommy proposes to Emily!

Proposal shoots are probably my favorite kind of shoot because they are exciting and it's fun to be paparazzi!! Tommy called me several weeks ago to ask about an engagement shoot. He really went above and beyond and invited his friends and family (some of whom flew in just for the party) to an after-engagement surprise party on U St, too. Everything was perfectly executed, he and Emily were right on time to the park, and the crowds cleared out just minutes before he got down on one knee. There was literally a photo shoot that ended right before he got to the place where he planned to propose. He told me they wouldn't be hard to miss, they're both over 6 feet tall! And he was right! We took some shots at the park, and then I scooted on over to the bar while Emily called her mom, whom unbeknownst to her, was at the bar waiting for her! It was awesome to see so much happiness and love. Congrats to Tommy and Emily!