Family times at Peirce Mill

It is always nice to meet up with families for a second or third time and see how they've grown. I met up with Alina and Matt last year, while James was keeping everyone on their toes and Simon was soon-to-be! We were able to meet up again this last weekend at Peirce Mill in #RockCreekPark. It was a perfect day for photos, with a lot of other families out and about for picnics and hikes. Just look at the cheeks on those kids! Adorable.

Supermoon...kind of

What happens when you think the super moon will be somewhere it's not and you have the wrong lens on your camera and it disappears faster than you can put on a new lens? Well....

Hunter's Moon

Yesterday evening I was on my way home from a shoot in Virginia and I saw the moon through the metro window. It looked huge!!! So I hopped out of the metro, took an Uber to the Iwo Jima Memorial and set up my camera. A little earlier and the moon would have been a bit more orange and looked a bit larger closer the horizon, but I'm happy to have caught it where I did. It was so bright that I went and looked it up later, and it's called the Hunter's moon. This is because the brightness allows for hunters to hunt later into the night, with their pray lit up by the moon. This was my first good close-up of the moon so I'm pretty stoked about it! Not to mention the weather was perfect - I was in shorts and a sweater. This picture in particular is cool with the airplane in it. As you can see it's a bit of a long exposure, but the moon was so bright that any longer of an exposure and the picture was too bright, and any shorter you wouldn't see the city!