What’s your weapon of choice?

I use Canon equipment! I’m currently shooting with a 60D and shoot a lot of my portraits with a 50mm f/1.8 or 70-200mm f/4L. I’ve always shot with Canon, so I don’t know what using Nikon equipment is like. (I’m sure it’s great!)


Do you shoot weddings?

Yes, but only on special occasions. Because I work full time at a doctor’s office, wedding photography is too much for me to take on. I’ve shot a handful of weddings, small and big, but I keep it to a minimum for time’s sake. 


Do you photoshop your photos?

The only editing I do to photos is to adjust the colors and lighting. I have a pretty strong background in Photoshop, and can do some nutty things to photos. I don’t alter portraits too much because I’m trying to capture a moment, not create one on the computer! With that being said, if you wanted some photos of you and your family riding on dragons in outer space, we can work something out!


Why don’t you become a full time photographer?

I’m passionate about health and medicine, and am pursuing a career in which I can help people as a medical provider. At the same time, I love art and photography - which is why I keep doing it. One could argue there is a matrimony of creativity between art and medicine, thus my connection to both.


What is your favorite thing to shoot?

I like to shoot pictures of people. If I take a picture of a person, I'm capturing an emotion and a point in time that can never be truly replicated. And while I prefer taking photos of people, I have experience in taking photos of products, offices, hotels, events, and landscapes.


Do you charge per photo or per hour, or both?

I charge an hourly rate based on shooting time. I don’t watermark any photos and give them to you to preview – I simply send you all of the digital edited photos for you to keep. Because photography isn’t my full time job, I don’t invest time or money into withholding photos from you for a profit. With that being said, my hourly rate includes the photos that you are soon to own. If I have good photos of you that I’ve edited, you might as well have them instead of having them sit on my hard drive with a watermark on them!


Can I order prints from my photo shoot?

I send you the digital files of your photos, not any prints. When you order the prints yourself, it saves us both time and it saves you money.


Why do you dislike Yelp so much?

I have been harassed by Yelp representatives to buy advertising from them for years. I have blocked their phone numbers, their emails, and asked them to not call me anymore - yet I continue to receive phone messages. When I asked a Yelp representative how I could get my reviews “unfiltered”, he stated he couldn’t and, “All of your reviews are probably from your friends anyway.” That was the last call I answered from Yelp. There is more information on their extortion on small businesses you can find here, here, here, here, and here. The definition of extortion is, “the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.” Yelp will not let me delete my page nor let me take my personal information off of it, despite several attempts. I’m still trying to find the best way to receive reviews that can be made public.